Vanterra utilizes a thematic macro-driven approach to identify attractive investment sectors for private equity capital.  The Firm’s investment is based on the following approach:

  1.   Intensively researching and identifying attractive market segments that are poised to benefit from underlying global macro trends.
  2.   Identifying and partnering with the “best of breed” operators by creating platforms within these market segments.
  3.   Shaping these platforms alongside the Firm’s partners and capitalizing on direct investments.

Fund Platform Criteria

  • Specialization – Building platforms with “Best of class” specialized private equity managers that have sector expertise and a unique ability for value creation.
  • Active Management – Vanterra takes an active role in all fund platform investments, including  participating on the Investment Committee, sourcing opportunities, assisting with due diligence and financial structuring, providing operational value add, and monitoring underlying investments. Vanterra’s sponsorship brings portfolio-level expertise and analysis to support successful teams.

Direct Investments Criteria

  • Transaction Size – Typically invest in lower-middle-market companies with transaction values between $20-300 million.
  • Limited Downside Risk – Limit downside risk and quickly recoup capital costs by focusing on creative deal structuring, large revenue opportunities upon closing, sustainable competitive advantages to drive growth, and more.
  • Collaborative Effort – Direct investments may include (1) investments alongside fund platforms, and (2) investments originating from the proprietary network of Vanterra and its affiliates.