fund seeding program

Vanterra's Fund Seeding platform program seeks to partner with the next generation of great investors focused on a specific industry or strategy and help them become leading private equity franchises.  The Vanterra team utilizes a thematic macro-driven approach to identify attractive industries for long-term private equity capital and then identifies and partners with the “best of breed” managers by creating platforms within these market segments.

Vanterra seeks to partner with GPs at their inflection point, prior to significant AUM growth, where the commitment and resources dedicated are meaningful enough to create a true partnership. 

Vanterra typically takes an active role in all fund platform investments, including  participating on the Investment Committee, sourcing opportunities, assisting with due diligence and financial structuring, providing operational value add, and monitoring underlying investments. Vanterra’s sponsorship brings portfolio-level expertise and analysis to support successful teams.  This model creates truly unique portfolio within private equity due to enhanced diversification, industry expertise, information sharing and unique diligence angles, and participation in underlying platform GP economics.

Vanterra’s strategic fund platforms established to date include sectors such as Health & Wellness,  Healthcare ServicesDirect Lending Credit, GP Secondaries, Transformative Energy and Materials, Consumer, Tech-Enabled Business Services, amongst others.

Representative platform investments include: