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Vanterra Capital is a global private equity firm that manages assets for a diverse investor base of ultra-high net worth partners and leading institutions. Vanterra directly manages capital across various private equity funds and associated investment vehicles. Vanterra and its affiliates have offices in the U.S., the Middle East, India, China, Eastern Europe, and Africa.

Vanterra seeks to establish strategic relationships with specialized managers who have a unique competitive advantage in specific industries, strategies, or geographies. Vanterra’s strategic platforms established to date include U.S. Healthcare, Health & Wellness, Small Business Credit, GP Secondaries, Transformative Energy and Materials, Disruptive Technologies, and others.

By partnering with specialized management teams to create premier investment platforms, Vanterra seeks to opportunistically deploy capital to support the strategic and financial objectives of rapidly growing companies.

Vanterra is an SEC registered Investment Advisor.




Vanterra utilizes a thematic macro-driven approach to identify attractive investment sectors for private equity capital.  The Firm’s investment is based on the following approach:

  1.   Intensively researching and identifying attractive market segments that are poised to benefit from underlying global macro trends.
  2.   Identifying and partnering with the “best of breed” operators by creating platforms within these market segments.
  3.   Shaping these platforms alongside the Firm’s partners and capitalizing on direct investments.

Fund Platform Criteria

  • Specialization – Building platforms with “Best of class” specialized private equity managers that have sector expertise and a unique ability for value creation.
  • Active Management – Vanterra takes an active role in all fund platform investments, including  participating on the Investment Committee, sourcing opportunities, assisting with due diligence and financial structuring, providing operational value add, and monitoring underlying investments. Vanterra’s sponsorship brings portfolio-level expertise and analysis to support successful teams.

Direct Investments Criteria

  • Transaction Size – Typically invest in lower-middle-market companies with transaction values between $20-300 million.
  • Limited Downside Risk – Limit downside risk and quickly recoup capital costs by focusing on creative deal structuring, large revenue opportunities upon closing, sustainable competitive advantages to drive growth, and more.
  • Collaborative Effort – Direct investments may include (1) investments alongside fund platforms, and (2) investments originating from the proprietary network of Vanterra and its affiliates.


Vanterra advantage

In the current private equity environment, deal structuring and execution are no longer considered competitive advantages, but rather prerequisites for success. Consistent access to a broad spectrum of information is critical to generating superior investment returns.

Vanterra’s integrated model of establishing platforms within identified target markets creates a network of key relationships and partners.  These strategic partnerships create an informational edge, a source of high-quality deal flow, and a unique diligence network, ultimately leading to attractive direct-investment opportunities.




The Vanterra team has significant direct investing, fund investing, and operating experience.  Over the past two decades, the firm’s Partners have successfully managed third party investment funds and invested in over 100 companies globally through multiple economic and capital market cycles.  Many of these investments involved restructurings and required significant hands-on operating experience. Vanterra and its affiliates have offices in the U.S., China, India, Eastern Europe, the Middle East, and Africa.

Vanterra’s team includes 9 investment professionals with over 100 professionals within the underlying platforms.




Vanterra maintains strong partnerships with key advisors, major investors, and strategic institutions. To access the expertise and experience of key members of its network of relationships, Vanterra has an Advisory Board comprised of third-party global thought leaders.  These individuals have specialized knowledge or expertise and provide advice in the realms of geopolitics, industrial trends, and capital markets, as well as guidance regarding general investment strategy.  Select members of the Board include the following:





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