We conduct exhaustive “Vanterra deep dives” in search of opportunities across strategies, industries and geographies. When we identify a compelling thesis, we seek to build specialized platforms alongside trusted partners.  This process has led us to create or partner in eight specialized platforms to date.


Trilantic Capital Partners (FKA Lehman Brothers Merchant Banking Partners “LBMB”) is a leading private equity franchise, managing assets for a number of large institutional LPs. Established in 1986, the firm employs 33 investment professionals across New York and London. The firm manages private equity funds that take control positions or significant minority positions in middle-market companies, in partnership with strong operating teams. The firm has raised and managed four institutional private equity funds with total committed capital of nearly $8.0 billion.


BTG Pactual is the leading independent investment banking group in Brazil with over $30 billion in total AUM. Vanterra is partnering with the firm in the formation of their first third-party private equity vehicle.


Cressey & Company is one of the most established and successful teams involved in the lower-middle-market healthcare space. C&C was formed as a successor to Thoma Cressey Bravo, Inc., which in turn was a successor to GTCR, a firm cofounded in 1980 by Bryan Cressey. C&C's core focus areas in the  healthcare industry are services and facilities, but they also pursue distribution or service opportunities related to pharmaceutical and medical supplies on an opportunistic basis.  C&C employs a “target, buy, and build” strategy, which entails partnering with leading management teams to invest in a platform company and then accelerating growth through a combination of organic initiatives and acquisitions.


The partnership seeks to build companies and assets that entail transformative energy technologies and processes. This includes transactions in clean energy, efficiency technologies/sustainable materials, and renewable resources.


NYLIM Jacob Ballas (“JBC” or, “the Fund”) is a premier India-based private equity fund that has closed on 23 investments since 1999. The firm seeks to provide expansion capital and opportunistically invest in financial restructuring, turnaround or controlling stake situations. The Fund will target a portfolio of 10 to 15 high quality investments primarily consisting of privately owned or family-run companies with typical enterprise values of $100-$500 million.

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McLarty Capital Partners (“MCP” or the “Fund”) is an investment fund being formed by the McLarty Companies (“MC”) and Christopher Smith to raise up to $75 million in private capital, with an additional $150 million of long-term capital from the United States Small Business Administration (“SBA”). The Fund will be structured as a Small Business Investment Company (“SBIC”), and invest in fixed-income (~70%) and equity securities (~30%) of U.S. small businesses.


Arendale Holdings, LLLP has a 35-year history in real estate and acquisition development. The Company’s projects have ranged from golf club and resort development to multifamily housing construction. The Company is led by a team of executives with extensive experience in building and operating successful businesses, and financing and investing in U.S. residential real estate on a national basis.


The overarching strategy of Vanterra NewGlobe will be to improve outcomes for General Partners (“GPs”) of broken or distressed private equity funds and also to provide liquidity to their Limited Partners (“LPs”). VNG will pursue three types of secondaries transactions specifically related to funds where the normal fundraising cycle for the GP has been “broken” or interrupted.